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Helping you to take your painting business to the next level.

Nationwide, One-On-One Painting Business Coaching with Jeff Lockwood


Meet Jeff Lockwood

Your Painting Business Coach

Hi there.  I'm Jeff Lockwood, your best choice for a painting business coach.


"Let my 15+ years of knowledge as a successful residential painting contractor help you to solve your business problems, make your jobs more profitable and have more personal freedom for you and your family."

Let me help you with your sales, your marketing problems, your pricing and more .  Let me tell you how to get more leads, make more sales and secure more good, profitable jobs.

I want to help you to use your website, your Google page, your Facebook and Instagram pages, your Yelp and Linkedin pages and all the rest of your Social Media outlets to your best advantage.

I can give you helpful advice with your painting business management problems.  I can help you find the best painting employees and tell you how to manage them efficiently and effectively.  I'm committed to helping painting business owners through one-on-one business coaching with all aspects of the business.


If you want to make more money, and have more personal time for yourself, then subscribe to my coaching services today.


After talking with hundreds of painting business owners around the United States and Canada the most common reasons why they got into the business in the first place was for more money and a greater freedom.  I will help you to achieve those goals.


"Helping to solve your problems using knowledge of the trade and advising you to run your existing painting business better. Making it more profitable and giving you more personal freedom."

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